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Daniel Kubach.

I am a professional businessman, an investor, an Business Angel, and a member of many business organizations. I am a management psychologist by training. I also completed an Executive MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management.

About me

I have always been lucky about people. On my way I meet incredible individuals as well as outstanding experts in many fields. . I call them journey companions, because business is an amazing journey.

Thanks to this fact I was able to build winning teams. My best companions become my partners and are invited to companies’ management.

I have created multiple millionaires which started from the bottom, many times even from debts. More than 100 000 people from many different countries cooperated and still collaborate with me.

One of my life goals is to inspire people to actand be successful entrepreneurs, which gives them unlimited opportunities.

I do a lot of investments in unique global projects. It is important for me to get to know and understand the products as well as the brands, so I can fully focus on them and help as much as I can.

I focused on digital services because I see a future in them. A product being able to affect real-world problems while staying ecologic is a key feature for me. A product being able to affect real-world problems while staying ecologic is a key feature for me.

As a business angel, I invest in the business much more than just money. I provide my contacts which open many possibilities – including my qualified team that can organize any company, mentoring and coaching sessions that literally lead step by step to success, as well as lawyers and accountants who secure our projects.


Business Expert

My goal is to create brands and products which positively affect the world. I invest mainly in companies where I see a lot of potential.

In the medical industry, I want to ease the access to medical facilities and services for all the people around the world. Thanks to good and accessible healthcare people will be able to live healthier and more peacefully.

In the legal industry, my objective is to promulgate legal services in a way that everyone would be able to access excellent lawyers. This way everyone will be able to find a solution for their issues.

In the media industry, I support small entrepreneurs providing them with equipment ready to work.

In the technology industry, I motivate people to be fit so they can enjoy a longer and healthier life.


S7HEALTH has an objective to promulgate the best medical services so they would be accessible for every individual.

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YourFitWay has a goal to prove that a fit lifestyle can be fun. We encourage being active and give an opportunity to earn money in our project.

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LEXNONSTOP was designed to ease contact between lawyers and clients as well as to popularize legal services so everyone could be able to access them freely.

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The Art of Enterprise .

S7HEALTH has an objective to promulgate the best medical services so they would be accessible for every individual.

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YourFitWay Logo
2019 - present
CEO and co-founder The company is the developing team of the YourFitWay mobile app.
YourFitWay Logo
2019 - present
YourFitWay LTD
CEO and co-founder The company aims to improve the health and quality of life of people all around the world through motivation for a healthy lifestyle.
2018 - present
7Health Foundation
Chairman and sponsor The foundation aims to create opportunities for people to live healthier and longer. We do it by planting a million trees – for a starter.
Brak Loga
2018 - present
Jak blisko Sp. z o. o.
Business angel and shareholder Loocalio is a platform that eases contact between clients and entrepreneurs. It’s a tool for entrepreneurs that helps them find new customers.
2018 - present
S7Lex Sp. z o. o.
Owner, business angel, board chairman Lexnonstop is a service that facilitates contact between clients and lawyers specialized in every field. Its main objective is to popularize legal services making them accessible for every individual.
2017 - present
7Play Sp. z o. o.
Proxy, co-owner, business angel 7play was created having in mind people who care about their lifestyle. People who value their health and have a healthy approach to money.
s7concierge logo
2017 - present
S7Concierge Sp. z o. o.
Board chairman and business angel We organize treatment for our patients with severe diseases in Poland and abroad. We are pleased to be able to help in case of serious illnesses.
2017 - present
S7HEALTH Sp. z o. o.
Co-owner, supervisory board chairman, business angel We guarantee our clients access to good medical services with short waiting queues. We also offer companies medical care for employees and our software to facilitate occupational medicine.
Brak Loga
2016 - present
7&7 Sp. z o. o.
A company that is focused on programming and marketing assistance for companies that I support. In addition, the company also creates disruptive projects ahead of their time, such as Psotna Przesyłka
Brak Loga
2014 - present
Proxy, business angel, co-owner Together with dr Adam Ubertowski, we created the first MBA program for the direct sale industry. I have acquired the ability to lead practical courses about business.
3s logo
2011 - present
3S Financial Group LTD

Owner and publisher

MLM Ranking and MLM Ranking International, Businessman , MLM blog, Time For Health. I consociated all the media under 3SFG LTD brand.

Brak Loga
2008 - present
EuCO for Kids Foundation
Co-sponsor and secretary Thanks to our financial program we were able to fund treatment, medical equipment, and orthopedic prostheses, as well as foreign language courses, tours, and camps for our charges
Brak Loga
2005 - 2010
European Compensation Centre JSC “EUCO”
Board vice-chairman, supervisory board chairman in 2010-2014 My job was to build a sales network and expand the company to the foreign market. I have created a network of more than 30 000 traders in 5 countries. In 2010 the company entered the stock exchange in Warsaw. At its peak, it was valued at approximately 75 000 000 $.
Brak Loga
2001 - 2005
Polish Financial Center
Owner Thanks to a network consisting of 300 traders in a few Polish cities we used to offer life insurance and pension funds.
Brak Loga
1999 - 2001
Insurance mediation “Perfect”
Owner It was the first company in which I learned how to successfully sell a product. I used to offer life insurance and property insurances.

If our roads will cross one day it won’t be a coincidence

Daniel Kubach is a legit entrepreneur and a reliable business partner. We collaborate for many years – always with success and satisfaction for both parties. The projects are frequently innovative, and I am often positively surprised by his business visions. Currently, we concentrate on the foreign market, and it is not our last word, but only the beginning.
Chairman of Polish Committee of World Games
Att. Tomasz Dauerman
Daniel Kubach is a person who was very influential in my life and the organization of Klub Przedsiębiorczości, which I successfully develop for many years. Daniel is an example of a successful entrepreneur, who thanks to his dedication, creativity, and extraordinary way of thinking positively impacts the lives of thousands of people globally. Collaboration with Daniel is a huge pleasure, and outside of business matters, I am really thankful for our private relationship.
Adam Przemyk
Vice-chairman of Klub Przedsiębiorczości
He is a real business passionate. A coach, who helps others to make their dreams come to reality by constantly delivering extraordinary values into his projects. He exceeds the market expectations globally. I value our relationship and I am looking forward to our future collaborations with optimism.
Daniel Konieczny
Co-owner of YourFitWay, Public Speaker Mentor, Results Coach
Daniel everlastingly invests in his development and has the traits of a real leader – he attracts people, shares his wisdom, has knowledge about the market, knows how to delegate tasks and successfully create businesses. Despite that I was still the most impressed by his emotional intelligence which is visible during his work while managing so many business projects domestically and internationally.
Mirosław Mańkiewicz
S7Health Board Chairman

Daniel has charisma and is well determined, which allows him to achieve success. On top of that, he has an excellent ability to inspire people with his passion.

Marek Zmysłowski
“Goniąc czarne jednorożce” book author

You don’t often meet someone with as strong entrepreneur genes as Daniel. He is a restless soul -always hungry for new knowledge and success despite his already huge achievements at such a young age. He never stops making even greater goals. His self-confidence and unprecedented optimism are unmeasured, and his ability to accurately evaluate reality makes him a person with a great combination of traits, which seem dissonant at a first glance. A visionary with a dose of realism…

Adam Ubertowski
Soulinvest LTD Board Chairman


  • LEXNONSTOP Partner
  • S7Concierge Partner
  • S7HEALTH Partner
  • Time for Health Partner
  • Ranking MLM Partner
  • YourFitWat Partner
  • Lekcje Warte Miliony Partner


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